Ready-to-run energy management solution

Getting consumption under control – from energy meter to Internet

S-Monitoring makes it easy to set up an energy and consumption management system. Ready to use right out of the box, the solution requires no complex configuration or programming. Yet it can still be individually tailored to special requirements, even retroactively – a system that grows with needs.


The system is comprised of devices and components to capture, record and display consumption. Analyses can be performed on the locally installed Web Panel, conveniently on the office PC or remotely via Internet using standard Web browsers.

S-Monitoring supports ISO 50001 certification

Reliable data capture is a prerequisite for functioning energy management. S-Monitoring makes this possible without high initial costs. It’s the system both for small companies and cross-premise enterprises.

S-Monitoring products

Energy meter, single-phase
Energy meter, three-phase

S-Monitoring Flyer

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  • Immediate transparency of costs and consumption
    • Recording and graphic display of consumption, power and costs (day, week, month, year)

      S-Monitoring Demo

  • Simple mounting and installation
    • Ready to use out of the box: up and running immediately without the need for complicated software installation or configuration.
    • Flexible: additional consumers can be connected at any time.

  • Local or remote operation via LAN/Internet
    • Control panel for local display (near the consumers)
    • Convenient remote analysis on office PC or mobile with notebook, iPhone and iPad